Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

You know...

This is a solid game. Some people just rate down too much for the wrong reasons.

Sure, the controls need considerable polish, and sometimes there wasn't much to do except run, but this is pretty damn impressive for somebody's first foray into flash game writing.

Too bad you won't be using your talent again.


Sonic Unleashed music! I love that so much.
anyways, reasonably good. Its a bit...repetitive?


Lil Big Planet anyone?

but ey not a bad game...but seriously needed some more action moves.

Not bad!

Not bad! I've definatly seen worse, do yourself a favor and pretend you don't see some reviews.. Mind you the game is not great, still some reviews are unnecessarilly mean and I bet most of those people coudn't do a game any better.
cheers, and keep up the good work.

Just a minute

What ' s the music from the cheeseworld level ? Love it .