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Reviews for "GTA3: The Flash Version"


I seriously want to know how you got a full game like this into a flash, It's like im playing on the console and everything! and for all u nuggaz out der dat says this flash dont work, well ur doing it wrong.

KovioXZ responds:



Real good job, I liked it.

A good game but needs a bit of work

i managed to get to the end of the game so it was quite easy
and i look forward to seeing more work from you guys great job

KovioXZ responds:

thank u my good sir


this was great, i cant imagine the amount of time it took to make this piece of work
great job as usual mang

KovioXZ responds:

witty review stating the sexual orientation, and the IQ level of the reviewer

how do i move is this a movie or something? still its just like 3 its 3D! :D im making a gta game but its birds eye view but im new so i need LOTS of help your lucky you got help