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Reviews for "GTA3: The Flash Version"


Glitchy doesn't describe how bad this "game" plays. I pressed every button on my keyboard and watched as nothing happened. I went and got a drink and returned to see the guy entering a car. WTF? Mountain Dew, now with game playing powers.


First of all, no programming

Second, horrible loop (you suck at driving)

And finally, you should be ashamed for what you did, giving peoples hopes up like that.

I will never play another game by you, unless you actually program it

KovioXZ responds:

how will you know if its programmed if you dont play it you fucking idiot


ok # 1 the controls do not work well, #2 the screen does not show what you do until about 14 seconds after you try to do it and #3 this is idioticly lame.

KovioXZ responds:

no fuck you pal

I feel bad

For all the losers who actually try to play this as a game...

KovioXZ responds:

me 2