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Reviews for "GTA3: The Flash Version"

Jokes On Us I Guess

You try to pass that off as a game, what a joke.

KovioXZ responds:

its a joke u FAGGOT


I'm sorry, but the kitty crew just needs to break up. All you guys do is spam the portal with flashes that took MAYBE five minutes to make. You're work either needs to improve Greatly, or stop all together. sound, graphics, and an actuall worth ethic would be really helpful for you guys.

how did u make this?

This is ruining newgrounds but im wondering how you made it, did u get a pc verision of GTA or what?

KovioXZ responds:

yeah its GTA3 for PC and i recorded it with ZD Soft

Too easy

I beat the whole game in like 30 seconds. Good start though.

this makes gta3 look good ! im dissapointed:(

omg intro awesome but kitty krew isint to good for newgrounds! :(
you guys need more internal comunication!
:( to many persons together can make really great stuff
but you guys make it look that solo is the way to go :(

KovioXZ responds:

witty review stating the sexual orientation, and the IQ level of the reviewer
(fuck you im not in the mood)