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Reviews for "GTA3: The Flash Version"

A good game but needs a bit of work

i managed to get to the end of the game so it was quite easy
and i look forward to seeing more work from you guys great job

KovioXZ responds:

thank u my good sir

I give it a 7

I just liked reading all the hate-reviews and your responses to them. Made me lol a bit.

KovioXZ responds:

i bet it did

kitty krew

when i saw that kitty krew has made this i was sure that it was going to be a stupid joke the only funny is all these actors and all these songs.

KovioXZ responds:

you wouldent beleive all the angry pm's i get from those those music authors

This is awesome

Lol i dunno why but its just too good

KovioXZ responds:

because its good


an old joke but I still got a chucklle for it. Maybe work on the graphic some and make them better. but ya iliked it.

KovioXZ responds: