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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"

Hilarious Castlevania SOTN parody.

This was probably the funniest Castlevania SOTN parody i have seen on Newgrounds after all this time and i'm not just saying that cause this was hand drawn and not done with sprites cause that has nothing to do with it,the animation was good but not great though what really made this flash great was the jokes about the voice acting and their lines which is the reason someone gets an idea for a SOTN parody in the first place cause it was so awful yet so funny,i laughed my ass off when Alucard gravity jumped the librarian in the ceiling and his lines afterwards too,so overall this was a great Castlevania SOTN parody and i got many laughs from it so thanks. =)

RicePirate responds:

:') You run on sentence made my eye pee. Thanks so much.

Why does he sit on a hole anyway?

Awesome. One would think that since you're the 'master' that you wouldn't have to pay for all his items, especially since you can slam him into the ceiling like that.

Wait, how does one get set up with the job of librarian in Dracula's castle anyway? And where to hell does he go?

RicePirate responds:

I think the hole is how he goes to the bathroom.

As for the job... I wondered that, too...like ... is he evil? Trapped? immortal?


i loved it totally !!!

RicePirate responds:

I totally love that you totally loved it, thanks!

More like this would be great!

The amount of secrets and fun in that game was incredible. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Great parody, like I said I would love to see more of this. That game has the potential for a lot of humor for a lot of people.

Worth it! lol

I love the spin and Alucard's reaction towards this guy's reaction. Gotta say, I never did like the Librarian in the game...selling out for gold and all. But he's no where near close as the all embarrassing name the Dark Priest called Shaft has.

Seriously....a priest called Shaft? Pffft!