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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"

This flash did do so I had to do a Account

This is so damn funny! But just 1 thing, I have never ever played SotN, what game is it, the hold name.

RicePirate responds:

It redefined the Castlevania series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphony _of_the_Night


love the animation! very true to the game!

also, fake-zarkel, you get life max up, ring of arcana, axe armor and draculas tunic (or whatever its called in SotN, its in every SotN clone castlevanai game)

Haha, hilarious.

I love that as soon as Alucard mentions rewards he's like, ooooh, okay then master. And when he's was throwing him in to the air you should have made him drop that Arcania Ring or whatever lol.

A win for Failure!

I liked every thing about it! The heavy metal rock music at the beginning and end of the movie was awesome! The art and voice acting were spectacular amazingful! The funniest fail I found in the movie was when that over 9000 year old librarian said: "Young master i cannot aid one who opposes the master." But dont get me wrong RicePirate, it was an awesome fail! (gives RicePirate 2 thumbs up)
Over all this gets 10 face plants into the ceiling out of 10 (aka 10/10)


alucard forgot what he was sayin at the end