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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"

Awesome sauce

That was one of the few pelasures I took from that game. Just smashing him over and over... And remembering my parents looking like "wtf? why are you doing that to him?'

Lol, good times... goood times...

RicePirate responds:

MAkes me wonder what the devs were thinking... Crazy Japanese, gotta love 'em!


This brings back memories, awsome game and an awsome flash.

RicePirate responds:


First completed flash eh?

Its great, I loved everything, the inside joke was awesomesauceness, I think I gotta get this game now just to play that part lol.
Some practice with lipsync will do you good though, there is a tutorial here that is called unleashe your imagination. Its got a lipsync part in it. I can't wait to see what else you make! :D

3rd place?

This deserves first place, that was AWESOME (I haven't laughed so hard in a long time :D )

Awsome story

woot!! All my 10 r belong to this XD