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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"


Grand! That was so funny , I love your style of animation and poor Alucard XD I was expecting the old man to have one of those like pc overload type things because of the conundrum XD haha I loved it ^,..,^

RicePirate responds:

That was actually how it was going to be originally, the whole, "Master, but you're the master, master, can't oppose the Master?!?" And then Alucard was gonna smash him to shut him up... funny you mention that :D

Incredible great joke

I love castle SOTN and I remember it took me about half an hour to get all the items from the librerian. nice touch with the master thing, I dont know how I never noticed that , still it was great, you should make more, about different things.

Great SOTN reference

Great job this was really funny. I ended up just hitting the librarian for an hour because hes super annoying in my opinion.


thats funny. especially alucards face after the 3rd or 4th time the librarian said that.

Dude seriously

Your my new favorite animator