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Reviews for "Manhattan Project"


Teh best game! Kudos, man!
Finishd on my first try on 25 day.

great game

this is the best game ever


its an awsome game even though i didnt make it in day 20 i think kamakaze and para shooters really help then u get a perfect chain reaction.

i think that i have a good chance at the money...

I maneged to get a bomb pipe and a lv 3 torrnet by day 5 so i feel confedint.
any way i love how you conplety changed hystory and man enstin a ciminal LOL!
But the truth is that when the a-bomb was man(using enstins formula of course) enstin acctoly sayed quote:If i know that they would do this i whold have became a show maker!any way grate game oh and do you mind if i upload it to screentoaster?

Great game

Sort of pissed because i got the A-Bomb the 21st day ughh.