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Reviews for "Manhattan Project"

great game

That was a pretty fun game, A survival mode or something to play longer without restarting from scratch would be nice but its pretty good already.

Great Game

And to CloudHill its because while Einstein was German he made the bomb for America and we are the ones who used the bomb.


The secret medal is to kill 5 rare birds :)
And this game makes me jizz

oh man..

this game is awesome. i played it over and over until i got the atomic bomb lol just great

Good with a few minor bugs

This is actually a rather good physics type of game with the goal to cause as much carnage as possible.

The Graphics and animation is good for this style of game. The music fits the mood.

A bug, roughly on day 15 (when the missle silo things appear) results in the mouse cursor being unresponsive, (the game no longer registers mouse movement or clicks even though the animation is still smooth) even before anything happens. This appears to be a fault in the flash player, though it can be in the game itself. Only the author can check. The other bug is the ads on the chalk board which stop working after the 5th one.

The high scores are obviously being cheating, but nobody cares about those.

I played it twice to see if the bugs were repeatable, and they happened in the same place.