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Reviews for "Manhattan Project"

What Lag?

I have an average MacBook and I experienced no lag at all.. I thought it was a good game.. It didn't have much replay value for me, but the first run through was great!

Lag hahahaha

Im seriously running this game on a 12 year old computer so you bought a overprice peice of junk, or maybe its not good for internet games, but that would be a waste of money on ur part.


Shiz man! How many MB is this? Anyway I stiil know this is good

FrozenFire responds:

15, and I have no idea why it's so huge.

I love this game.

But, yeah, please fix that skipping issue. It's really bugging the hell out of the gameplay. I'm trying to aim, but it sort of lags and then I end up at the middle of the webpage or somehow onto a whole other website altogether. That totally sucks considering that I'm having a ball playing this baby.

I won't rate this down because of that.


do not know if my mind is malignant or am I but I love this game muhahahaha