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Reviews for "Manhattan Project"


This is a great game but it is kinda laggy near the end

Amazingly fun, like Infectanator

only two problems, one, he is in 2nd grade with white hair and a mustash

second, i WILL get that achievement! some how...

oh, and for all you people, its your slow a$$ computer, not this

going for 50...

Ahhh, I got close as hell to winning the $50... but soon as day 17 came I was only gaining $2000 or so... even when all last few round I gain, around $13000... I was close, but not near enough.. :(

I think it was a great game, besides when you blew up 6 or 7 things in 1 bombing, it would lag like crazy, and make the turrent not respond too well... but it was still a great game.

Try, making some more with other world figures, EX: Stalin, Hitler, Alexander, or somthing, I would think it be great.


loved it, didnt hav any problems with it like evry1 sed tho evrything was gr8

OMG Great Game

I love how he has white hair and a moustache in the 2nd grade