Reviews for "Pokemon Gold: SB 2.0"

Great!! The sound Quality is a little bad, but other than that its a great compilation of pokemon gold songs. Oh, for the Kanto wild music there's a pidgey cry with the music( i don't think it's supposed to be there.)

P.S. To the guy that said the Lavander Town music causes suicide: That song ur talking about was the original pokemon red and blue music not this variation. In my opinion the other songs for lavander town for gold and heart gold are more like lullabys

lol unown... i like it!!! also, this is much better than the other one. really glad u made it ps- can you make one for heart gold? the music is so much better!!! and all the other pokemon games, and metroid and all games with a map... yeaaaa...

Where's the Ice Path?
That's like my favorite track in the whole game!


Pokemon gold was my favorite game.It will be forever