Reviews for "Pokemon Gold: SB 2.0"

Really great

A 10, without any reconsideration. All the things that you missed in the first one, are now here. I really hope that Tom would let you upload the 10.8 MB version, because the sounds here (like the one in Saffron city) sound a little bit less great. But the amount of songs, make that negative point go away.
Overall, it's just better than the version 1, and I think that only the 10.8 MB version can make it better.

High Goddamn Five

Very nostalgic, I actually lol'd.

What you should have is a button you press that changes all of the buttons to links to remixes of each song in the Audio Portal. That would be way cool. Plus you'd score bonus points with the AP people.

I'm glad you made these

I had found a online version of gold but it had no music thanks for makeing these I now know what I was missing out on :D 5/5 10/10

lot of good memory's here

Damn, I loved those games, haven't played this game in ages and don't really have time for the new ones. However, you should probably title it properly though, Gold and Silvers tracks have little difference between them, if at all. I mean it's not like you would make a Sliver version including one song exclusive to it, and I doubt you would receive criticism for leaving one or two out.

Over all, not too much a fan of soundboards, but I make exceptions when their done well and is of something I actually would to hear. This was much better the the first one, and hopefully you'll continue to improve. Also, good luck getting the file size upgrade, would be great to hear it in better quality, although I doubt Tom would grant you it, might have better luck asking another admin.

Nice, all things considered.

This brings back memories. Given the file size limit, this is quite nice- I havent heard some of these for years. It'd be nice if they all looped properly, however.