Reviews for "Pokemon Gold: SB 2.0"


why even put this up when you can't have the high quality audio. its a sound board, the ONLY thing that matters is the sound. would it not have been worth while just to wait to see what Tom said first... annoyingly bad quality on a sound board = low score.

Pretty Cool!

Only flaw I would say is the music is not as good quality as it could potentially be, but that can't be help. GREAT WORK!

sorry bro

its not very good im afraid

make it inter active like u can batlle with the pokemon and stuf

sorry bro

very old....

i still have a VERY old black and white pocket game boy, also have Pokemon gold as well............. thats near 10 years old aint it?


but i think kanto's sountrack in blue,red and yellow version are better XD