Reviews for "Pokemon Gold: SB 2.0"


Good considering the limits put on submissions and the sheer SIZE of this work. Hopefully and HQ 3.0 can join the portal.


I was looking for a soundboard for pokemon. This is awesome.


this was pretty awsome its not really a game but it brings me feelings of Nostalgia. sure i expected the actual game i knew i wasnt going get the whole game of pokemon gold.

I was hoping to battle

Your title's a bit misleading. It should be called "Pokemon Gold Midi Player 2.0".

You should set up a pokemon battle system or expand what you have so users can mix the sounds or do something cool with it. You could even make a sprite-based pokemon storyline with animated battles (or a spoof thereof). You have plenty of background music.

old times hhhhhaaaaaaaaaa

that cool yo