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Reviews for "NerveJangla"


WEW 9th place in the all time score board <3 Was extremely fun! <3 NinjaDoodle

Pretty fun

I really do not know what to say about this, other than that it at first seems to be a good way to get medals. The low number of seconds you have is simply unbeatable. I swear I simply can not tell the difference between any of those things in that one round. At least you were nice enough to give me a walkthrough. The graphics are very simplistic, which works fine for itself, not to mention the games are fun to figure out. Puzzle games are something that I will just have to get used to.


I enjoyed this alot, love the stle and feel of the game :) keep it up


great game but the best i could do is 262 seconds


The animation is so cute =P and the game rock my socks! lol awesome game! Best puzzel game i have played in like forever!