Reviews for "NerveJangla"

Such a well made game!

Each puzzle by itself could be its own Flash game. The fact that each unique idea is put together in the same flash makes the game extremely enjoyable, and very fun to play.

It's obvious that a great deal of thought was put into this, or at least "oh, I know what I can make for this level!" moments. Really shows in the odd one out robot level. Clever!

Music really compliments the game, as does the font.

Great game :)

It was really fun! A bit challenging on the trackpad, but I like a challenge :)
And at thedoc318 - It is possible ;)


i love this game its so cute and fun to play! 5/5 10/10!!

Very cool game

Feels like this could be on the DS.


realy good game but i almost punched my computer on the yin yang levels