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Reviews for "NerveJangla"

good game.

can't seem to get past 18 though. just not quick enough


my best 189 with no penalties

Amusing and challenging

A simple game that makes you think "ok, what am I supposed to do?" It's kinda short, but making more levels would have made the game boring (maybe a Part 2 would be a good idea).

I just want to point out that there are people on the high scores with less than 0.20 seconds. Why do these things happen?


This is a pretty well made game. The basic concept has been done before, but the individual puzzles were unique and the element of randomness means you can get better at it but you also cant just memorise all the answers. Overall pretty balanced and fun, and the medal challenges give it replay value for a little while. To the dude below me (luigiboy10) for the last level, where it says jump, you HOLD click and then release. That was pretty much the easiest thing there so I dont feel I'm giving anything away.

Not Laptop Friendly

1 star purely because i can't do it!

Sorry but i'm on a Macbook Laptop and the Ying Yang ones are virtually impossible!

But the rest are good.... hmmmmm i'll up it a little!