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Reviews for "NerveJangla"


funny game gonna play it a lote more


Pretty nice game, all in all. Good level progression, fun little puzzles, overall a good game. Only complaint was the ease of some puzzles (the "odd one out" puzzle in particular). These puzzles didn't seem to get more difficult as the levels progressed. Other than that, very nice.


439 on first try. could probably do better. nothing stumped me but i had trouble with the star collection where there were bombs beneath the stars. took me several tries and probably added about 20-30 seconds to my time.


Fun game, good progression of difficulty, nice music :)

But I didn't find the logic for the grey star. As an artist, I think it should be either Additive or Subtractive, but it seems it was none of them (it's the only one I had to consult on walkthrough)

And I'm stuck the ying to yang, where the floor has to be pulled down. The floor gets sticky on the mouse so it comes up again when I try to catch the ying.

And so far, I'm stuck there...

quite challenging

Some nice riddles there, but getting the <150seconds medal is rather matter of fast clicking and some concentration than solving riddles, because getting below 150 requires you to know everything in before