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Reviews for "NerveJangla"

I have to be honest.

Personally I saw this to be another knock off of many other games. little mini-games built upon harder and harder. This game lacked creativity expect three of the short little games which were to easy.

The one short game where you throw the little ninja guy around was horrible really and i thought that game there really drew my attention away from this game due to the fact the physics are hard to control on it, and it was glitchy. I would attempt to catch the ninja before it hits a bomb, but it would blow up anyways and when it respawns it flys into back into my mouse.....>.<

Anyways i felt like you could have added a lot more to this, but its not all that bad.


it was great but... i finished the ahrd parts at 247 but it took me 6 seconds to do the ninja jumping psrt it would be nice if you could somehow remove that thank you.

like wario ware

good time waster :)


I simply loved it.

very fun!

A bit challenging at times but fun overall! It was a nice variety of mini games with an unusually catchy background tune (most music on these types of games I usually end up muting)

The only thing that could have made this game better for me is having the game designed for a laptop touchpad as well as a mouse. All games went smoothly for me on my laptop except the final few ying to yang rounds...clicking and dragging quickly was a big challenge!