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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Very unique!!

I really liked the visual style, and the game was fairly interesting enough for me to want to keep playing it. Keep it up broski!!

Hmmm, not bad, but it doesn't quite feel finished.

Honestly, it's an enjoyable enough game. I like the premise, and puzzle-solving gameplay mechanic is a good format for its presentation. The simple animations and sprites are nice, though one thing that irritates me is that the monster is always facing the same way regardless of its position on the map.

The opening music was nice, but the actual level sound was...well...boring. I understand that many people need silence to focus on more difficult puzzles, but rather than take away most of the sound, a mute button could have served this purpose just as well.

As far as the gameplay itself, it started out rather enjoyable, but it got old fast. The simple directional blocks are good basic tools, but I feel that the addition of different effects would have been nice. Perhaps bomb-blocks that can destroy wall-blocks, or things of that ilk.

All in all, this was not a bad game, but it just feels as though it's lacking something to give it the extra oomph it needs to be a really good one.

fun game, simple, challenging

It was fun and silly, but i found some of the levels odd, like when the red and green buttons were being used i couldnt figure out exactly how they were going to effect the boxes, but it didnt keep me from completing the game. And the last level....WTF?! I beat it with 4 bricks, how could you make it so simple? i was hoping it would be harder...


good idea. funny game. sometimes very hard.stuck on lvl 8 wtf poor dooing of mine.

overall good game
and wtf entry to short ?? f****** program don`t get on my nerves oar these

moderately challenging and i laughed when i found out you weren't supposed to save the princess those green and red blocks were pretty fun too all in all a pretty good game not great but good