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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

hell fun

keep making more.


this game is strangeli adictive

Found a work-around. [+Walkthrough]

Glitch: If you beat level 23, even if level 24 is still locked, if you click next you will move on to level 24. Other than that i found nothing else wrong.

Review: Very fun puzzle game, I got stuck on two levels but finally solved them. :P

Walkthrough for people who are having a hard time: http://walkthrough.escapegames24 .com/2010/03/dont-save-princess.html


funny game, levels a bit hard.

my game: (I WILL SURVIVE... not) copy & paste: 041Adc8Cd7abcF14C92914546dE6482E13424 e72eNrjY/BUCPf08VEIDg0K8wxzFWZIVMitLC 5JLcrMLy1WKEgtKs7PE2VgYOBlwA4YYYz/NAN CSIAJJsiCVRmSWogYCy5DGf+jmCQJ9AmKPIMk pc4GAF2T+BM=

Puzzle's weren't THAT challenging...

But maybe that's cause there are other puzzles like that, so I'm used to thinking of them this way. Still fun though! And I liked the twist in the goal. Level editor was fun, and I burned too many hours making this:

It's not a puzzle, it's just a cool 1500+ feet "flight"
I set up the path first, then filled in the blocks after, testing to make sure the path wasn't messed up by all the filler. Enjoy!

E1c3d0F13fa2465CaD01B6C0F892AE09aa982 1a3eNplT8sKAjEQazLxIngRPOwfefcLFlzwIo ie/Po1Gd2TLW0n5DHT/TjP9/vyvC3zdTcu78f rfRpjHMb/oo82AFAFAtuhtygJULCKqSmSgkJI pWhiNTRBi4rR+AYKxZAVUu1NLkvZ/KZG78JIs NAt2omq3KLdhQ5PF60Km4iOcugKTQlCvG0xM6 knwm91cP/IsemdMfPjgKOHsJPIW3ldfADyAQr 1