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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Very good

Very good game!

It's great!

Awesome game, a bit challenging but fun anyways. You should be able to save the princess.

really good game

hard enough but no too hard good stuff

Pretty fun

Shame you can't save the princess but funny you have to feed yourself to the monster. I completed all the Levels. They're so easy.

In that case, try this challenge: e18dd501A1690ab8F320973258Bc24C06Ed2c c94eNqTZ/DIL1coyVdITy1RKMlILUpVyMxTSF QozsgvKlEoT6zkYHDMSUktyk0sEmVgYOAFYlY 0zATELAxQ8B87YIBBYSgtBBQUBsL/YPwfwUJR BWahAIQOZFVQiFAjiqTu/3+G/1hUikChGJz1/

Love it

I love the game. I hope you make another version, where you supposed to kill the Princess