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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Flying Shoes?

I just wonder... how does the knight walk in mid-air?


i think if have medals and something like that will be very usefull

man that was fun.

this game's great. it's got humor, puzzle, and (if you count the last level) action! but the best part was that it wasn't easy. it was hard, so you had to think for quite a bit on some levels. then, when you figured it out, you had a nice sense of accomplishment. i honestly think more puzzle games should be like this.

I'm done playing this game

I had fun playing this game for a while, but I got tired of things just not making sense. How about a little tutorial or something that says what the red and green blocks do and how the switches work. And why does the knight not fall through the gaps when there is a hole in the floor? All it takes is a quick page that points out what the different things are and what they do.

Haha this game was fantastical!

Definately love to see more games like this!