Reviews for "Hippolyta"

A Youtuber named Rendog brought a villager back to his town in his Minecraft Let's Play, and he named the villager Hippolyta X3 he even called her an Amazon because she was from a village entirely of woman.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah it's a typical name for an amazon and amazons are female warriors

Evil dog yours games are the best :D

I'm torn between a low rate for the unbeatable difficulty and 5 stars for the concept+graphics+awesome soundtrack. What can you say when the author himself says he can't finish his own game... I agree with some previous reviews, at some point controls are too slow so you have no choice but to fail even if you're damaging your keyboard. And what's the point of the armor if it doesn't actually give you a second chance when you get hit?
Still one of my favorite game : please make a second chapter but with some different level of difficulty, an armor that is actually one, and an ending we can see....

Amazing Game, its really hard but its great! :D And she is hot :P

Just another great work from Evil-Dog,damn I love your game man!