Reviews for "Hippolyta"

This is probably the only game I learned to appreciate lag. It was the only time that it slowed the hell down! XD

Too 'hard' to be fun.

This game is basically a very well themed, yet simple runner. The fun of a runner is making the player feel cool by combo-ing moves together while appropriately increasing the difficulty to keep it challenging.

Here, the difficultly is the result of obstacles being too obscured and the controls not being responsive enough. Animation priority should never kill the player because of a tiny mistake. Perhaps, allowing multiple moves at once (jumping and spear throwing) could improve the game's complexity and ease off on the player a bit.

I do really dig the idea of using sound to prepare you for what's ahead, but when a voice can either mean jump or throw, it becomes pretty useless. And the constant rewards that can be used for unlocking stuff is always fun, but as others have pointed out, the armor really makes her look worse. (who would wanna cover up that beautiful bounce?!?)

Some great stuff here, just needs a lot of tweaks to draw the player in before the difficulty is ramped up.



Great game, though sometimes the Hippolyta doesn't respond to commands. I've tested this again and again, dying on purpose. Keys do not respond in time, most likely when a secondary action is at hand, like sprinting.

There are also some minor bugs. Sometimes sound effects stack, for example hoof sounds being kept played even in credits screen, where they should normally cease.

Other than that, I think this is a masterpiece. You have my 5 stars.

This game is really awesome, and fun to play. I just wish it didn't lag so much... it's so basic and yet on lowest quality it still lags really bad. Which doesn't happen on any other game I play. Still it's pretty cool.