Reviews for "Hippolyta"


this is a really nice game (i like achivements games like aromaphus+) this is hard and fun and well..... u know...

Great game

Very good and addicting game, only complaint I have is sometimes when you speed up you can't react fast enough after doing one thing, like for example if your outrunning a rider and block then try to duck the key won't respond in time and down you go.

nice game

realy like this game but im realy but with my reflexes so i found it hard

"I don't think the story went like that"

Well don't put SCORPION behind her dick!

Great game, very addicting and tough. I haven't been able to beat the 5th level and I've spent 2 hours playing this game. I'm going to sleep on it, hopefully I'll beat it soon. I'm not going to even try hardcore mode, lol, no F'ing way

Great game

Good game, fun and enjoyable