Reviews for "Hippolyta"

Still never gets old

The concept is so good, but you kinda broke the game when you turned the last level into a endless survival style level. Seriously, I don't know how long I stayed alive in my personal time record in this level, but it was some SERIOUS LONG TIME to keep myself concentrated. There was a point I was evading everything for some damn long time and saying to myself "when will this f***ing shit gonna end? This is insane what the hell just end omfg!" Then I died because, you know, after billions of soldiers attempting to kill me, one got to do it.

If you are going to reply at least tell me how many days I should keep alive in the last lvl to actually beat it? Thanks. (Really, add a progress bar, Idk how close I got to the end...)

Again, nice concept.

Evil-Dog responds:

A progress bar would have been nice indeed, but i'm not adding that in a 5 years old game
Don't know how long the last level is, it's pretty long and hard as you can see.

Is the voice actor a russian guy? also best break your monitor sim ever.

I remember playing this game a long time ago on a different website. It was so awesome. Why is the audio songs no longer available to download/listen to by themselves on this website?

Evil-Dog responds:

The guy apparently stole that track and lied saying it was his own :|

real good!