Reviews for "Hippolyta"

it's obvious that the game is brutal hard, but her tits bounce all the game = 10 stars to this game

Gameplay: 2/5

Graphics: 3/5

Music: 3/5

She has her tit out


muito bom esse jogo

Still never gets old

The concept is so good, but you kinda broke the game when you turned the last level into a endless survival style level. Seriously, I don't know how long I stayed alive in my personal time record in this level, but it was some SERIOUS LONG TIME to keep myself concentrated. There was a point I was evading everything for some damn long time and saying to myself "when will this f***ing shit gonna end? This is insane what the hell just end omfg!" Then I died because, you know, after billions of soldiers attempting to kill me, one got to do it.

If you are going to reply at least tell me how many days I should keep alive in the last lvl to actually beat it? Thanks. (Really, add a progress bar, Idk how close I got to the end...)

Again, nice concept.

Evil-Dog responds:

A progress bar would have been nice indeed, but i'm not adding that in a 5 years old game
Don't know how long the last level is, it's pretty long and hard as you can see.