Reviews for "Hippolyta"

I found the game to be overly complecated and the voice over man just irritated me more than anything.

Such a great game, narrative, and plot. But the only problem lies within two things.

The outrider that follows you yells far too much, sometimes overlapping a farmer or Hoplite and ensuing my death.

and 2) being the slow motion when you deflect or kill an NPC, this sometimes causes a lag between commands and has ensured my death numerous times. I fail to even pass the story line I can only imagine how the hell Hardcore is.

Wait! thats not how the sto- FUCK OFF!!!!

reflexes you have to see the things not press the right button at the same time the background and the objects your supposed to dodge are to similar.

Really fantastic game. Beautiful artwork, with an excellent narrative. Very challenging, but it just makes it that much more rewarding when you do succeed! Love it!