Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

This was great

IF your next one ( if it is made. 476 times can seam like an etrinity )is like this its almost gurranteed to be #1 on the top 50 of all time. Your style was exelent I think you killed more sticks in this episode than all the others compined and the actual drawings ( the back ground was perfict) were great. I cant wait for # 8 to come out even if it takes half a year of checking up ever single firggen day for poisably the greatist movie of all time. For the fun of it you should make a small steven segul vs SS for the fun of it. Mainly because in his recent movie he is 100 times more anoying than a stick figure ever will be and I i just want to see how you draw him.

Interestingly funny

Good work, keep it up. It provided me with some interestingly funny thoughts, ideas, and other points of thought.

Enjoyed the Entire Series

This series was the first that I watched in full at Newgrounds and remains my favorite. Great animation.


I had watched this a while ago and remembered it, but I just went back and watched every stick movie in order.
3D! Fully Animated! Wow you rule, this really is a work of art.
I dont know what else to say, but it was very well done.

It still ownz

everytime i watch this it still ownz i love this great GREAT WORK