Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

Kick Ass

This was one of the best things ive seen in a while. I like how you used a bunch of Newgrounds characters and put them all into this movie...keep them coming dont stop now !

Fucking Fantastic!!!!

That fucking rocked!!! Man don't stop now keep them coming. they kick fucking ass!!!!

Not bad

I thought that the graphics were great! but the stick guys could have been better. I also think it could have been longer.

Not bad at all Spurgin...

I've always been a tad pissed after that whole movie that ripped off XiaoXiao and then made a horribly racist statement, but this last SS movie was pretty good. I liked the inclusion of Parks (although I didn't like how he died, he should have at least done something cool beforehand) and Pico (At least he took down some sticks). All in all it's been a wild ride for your series. I'm surprised you didn't add in Eskimo Bob as an enemy (although I like some of his movies) and you should have given Miss Dynamite a cameo.

Once I get my hands on the software I'll make some movies. I know I'm being overly-critical for someone who hasn't submitted anything, but you bet I will eventually!

Good movie

There isn't much wrong with this movie. Nice job, keep it up.