Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

This was a GREAT movie!

I haven't seen the rest of the slayer movies, but I might soon! I loved the slick style of this movie! It was great! This movie was also very funny! I thought it was funny when the guy from College University died! Well it seems like Pico 2 is taking FOREVER and a day to be finished.... that's probably b/c Pico died... bad times

well... GOOD TIMES,

That was the best one yet

That movie was the best make some more :)

you are a flash master!

wicked animation and 3d
killer screenplay and drama
and i love your taste in bg music (stratovarius at the end credits! YEA!)


that was an exellent movie great graphics to the only bad thing is how fast pico, parks and whoever that other guy was died


nice with putting different characters from different portal series