Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

Very Well Done

Great movie
You have once again created a masterpiece of
stick killing mania.

And coldbrand don't be an asshole
you couldn't make a movie half this good

oh hell yes

Andy and Mike Parker rulz. and so does this.

This Movie is Hype

This movie kicked alot of stick ass with help from Tom Fulp(Pico Rules All!!!) Andy and Mike Parker (Collage Univ. kicks ass and is funny as hell) lots of good drawn characters and good fighting scenes i saw the first flash from this also known to me as the preview to the end of sticks ( Xiao Xiao is the best stick movie on NG Portal dont mess with them) but kick some Stick Butt go Stick Slayer


this shit rules, only thing it needs is more guys, u should've shoved miss dynamite and the dudes from ayb. a little air to air dogfighting would be nice too, but keep at it, everybody likes this stuff


all sticks must die....... But it needed more characters like from keeblur and the bart song lol just who i would have liked to see :)