Reviews for "Meet Larry"

love the message

might actualy make me want to chan ge my life AROUND

Wrong message

Retarded. Public defenders make very little money. Everyone has a right to legal council. The maker should be ashamed of himself for mocking our basic constitutional rights.

not my favorite

the story was good but animation could have been better. didn't love it but it was pretty good

Sad but Beautiful :)

Did Solid Snake and Steven Seagul have a baby? Cause it sure sounds like it :)

Anywho....great story I would have made the guy look a little different, maybe more badass :)...but your the author so who am I to judge.

Hmmm..does this flash remind anyone of "Jerry"?

Creative and a great flash, GOOD JOB!


This is very emotional. It also kinda reminds me of the book, "I am the Cheese", in the way that he imagines most of the story. Good job with most of the animation, but the part where you showed the gunshots was very poorly done (whether you meant for it to be like that, I do not know). All in all, however, it was a great animation that gave an important message.