Reviews for "Meet Larry"


moral is a little over used, but the animation is spectacular! *I* enjoyed the narration, it didnt remind me of batman like everyone else seems to think, more like Roshack from Watchmen. Keep up the awesome animation!


Ok, first I get this croaky batman voice with this insulting tone that would just make me walk away if this was a normal person. But I stayed because aparantly there was this message that you wanted to portray.

The story is that Larry is a criminal defense lawyer, and he is dying, and he regrets what he hasn't done in his life. This is portrayed by cheesy and half-baked metaphors that he groans out whilist not driving out onto a bridge, which pretty much exists for symbolism alone, and this is not a good idea in writing, honestly. Then he randomly shoots up into space and I guess he wanted to be an astronaut or something...look this was just not thought out. You're trying to make something meaningful but that's just it: You're just trying to make something meaningful.

How many times have I heard the phrase "Live everyday of your life as if it was your last"? This moral is so overused and understood that it's almost dead as a story or literary moral, and believe me, I understand what it's like to want to make something incredible, but first you have to ask yourself what IS incredible? What do I want to do in this story that I think is the most important thing? Really, I give you a seven for effort but this thing is half-baked. My overall impression is a cheesy, cheesy, cheesetastic, cheesarific cheesefest.

"Sold my soul to the devil" No. Unwarranted poetry.

"Isolated...like there's only a bridge between me and the world" Oh, so I have to be a bum-ass criminal defense lawyer to feel lonely? I'm a teenager still, and I've felt worse crap than that.

"Better choices...dream who I could've been....blah" Who the hell hasn't? Look, I'm pretty sure 90% percent of the populace understands that if they knew then what they knew now, they wouldn't have made that choice back then.

"I could've been an astronaut" I literally lol'd at this. This was just the apitome of artistic ineptitude. Was this intended as a sort of reaching out to all men who are in thier mid-life crisis, or was this intended as some sort of backstory?

I'm sorry man, this just doesn't work.

"(Any example of random irony)"


Hes an alian?
you've got to be kidding me....

nice batman voice

other than that, no. just no. i would like to start off saying that public defenders no not make much money at all. secondlly, public defenders are actually very honorable and are ussaly in it because they are passonate about it. think about it: you can be a fancy lawer with alot of money, or a public defender, making not nearlly as much money, but "fighting the good fight". although i like the message, the execution was so ham-fisted that it made me cringe. he is telling you this when he was shot by his client? the uncalled for, unneeded drama and cheesyness made me gag. if you are going to make a video with a message like "follow your dreams", dont back it up with missinfromation and a super cheesy storyline.


Blamed, From the moment he talked about selling his soul to the devil I lost interest in this already seeming overly dramatic failure, not to be a troll, the 5 is for the good animation, but the storyline was craaaaaaaap.