Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"


very good game

I dont get the relationship

pretty high graphics, good for you but the only thing i dont understand is why little wheel is related. Sure he became king of wheels but does the mogos soon advace to the robotic age slowly or already? Or is little wheel just another story?


What was great about little wheel was it's minimalism and the elegant design, thislacks that noir-esque feeling and charm. The gameplay is essentially the same but without the feeling of the first it's just flat. And the character design is a bit....minstrel show-esque. I think simpler animation would be better, and makeing levels more interesting rather than so repetitive.


Animation was fluid, and beautiful. Really awesome.

Some bad design choices

Your puzzle design skills are very good, and I did really enjoy solving them, but in a lot of ways the game was strange and annoying. The story itself seems totally unrelated to little wheel. I think you should have connected it all the way, as it just leaves more loose ends this way.

Also, the design choice for the mogos? Maybe not the best decision.

Still a good game. I played through to the end and at least wasn't hugely dissapointed. I just hope the game (or games?) between this and little wheel makes a little more sense, and feels more connected to the story we already love.