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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"


The animation was awesome! but there are some holes in your storyline, and what really makes and action packed flash with cool animation worth while is the story. Add some backround to some characters and this will be BEAST!

JazLyte responds:

It's a demo reel man. Hence me saying "This is my 2010 demo reel" in the author comments, and the words "Kalen Whitfield Demo Reel" on the preloader page. This is for potential clients to see what I'm capable of. So yea, tis storyless. The clips however are from animated stories of mine.


that made me confused but it was really good

Keep it up!

Amazing art and music. Do keep up the great work!


Ya know I've been on Newgrounds for about maybe 7 or 8 years now... and i gotta say it's getting harder and harder to find action flashes like this every once and a while, and i fu*king love fighting/action flashes with great music like this one.

when i watch things like this it reminds me of stuff like street fighter or old kickass animes like ninja scroll for some reason :3. Some of this flash has stuff from your old work which is why the Frame rate is a little awkward but who gives a shit it's watchable isn't it?

The art style you have is really good, and i guess your shit just keeps getting better and better every flash you make. and i don't know what the fuck everyone keeps says about the music you chose.

Anyone who says the music gets repetitive is a fucking moron, the vocals and the beats are what gives this demo the true Afro/Jazz feel to it (With a little bit of drum and bass thrown in for good measure ; ] ) I ADORE your work man. keep making more flash for those of us who still understand the action around here at NG. Peace.

JazLyte responds:

I just made a news post about how action flashes are missing from NG, this is indeed the hayday of stick comedy, I'm glad to hear somebody feels the same way I do about it. And yes, old ass muscle anime like Street Fighter 2V and Ninja Scroll probably turned me into an animator in the first place, I got exposed to alot of it as a kid =). Thanks alot for the kind words

Amazing work!

Nice one. The loader image is very nice and the fight at the end just puts it all together. Though I noticed the drawing style was changing with each scene, but I'm assuming it means those are different episodes. Was also rather jerky but I could still see what was going on.
Good work, looking forward to the final work.