Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"

That was awesome. Wheres the mp3?

That was awesome, i've been listening to it for dayz. But where
can i find the mp3? I want to listen to it on my ipod.

JazLyte responds:

Here's a version of it right here, essentially the same, but mixed differently. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/341198 :) Enjoy

This Is Tits

You should get a job doing this! Seriously, this was awesome. Where can I get this song?

Some of...

The sickist shit I've seen on newgrounds; you've got some talent, and this was just a demo reel? I wan't more!

cannot wait!

I cannot wait till the new necropolis looking forward to it!
And like Vezz said Shadowfox drop the link of the music or put on the NG audio portal its freaking kickass!

ive seen all that but jazz

u need to tell ya boy shadowfox to drop a link to that music what he be making cause it fking dope