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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"

Woah man!

The animation was fluid throughout. The fighting scenes, the protest scene, all that were excellent. Even though the quality was not the best, it wasn't bad enough to ruin the animation. The song was very nice and seemed to compliment the animation, regardless of what was happening.

Overall, it was great!

That was a dirty reel!

You used some of your previous scenes that i've noticed from your older works but i fully appreciate your style and genre because it matches my life alot. Nice background shots, obviously you know what your doing with your camera work and you have a very good vision on how to plan out your fight scenes. I believe your movie in 2010 is gunna drop so heavy you win more than just front page, I can feel it. Can't give ya a 10 because its just a demo reel but great job nonetheless 8/10 4/5.


At first I didn't know what to expect, but this is really good for a demo reel; it looks like this could turn out to be an anime series of some type, due to the drama, action, etc. I like it! Hope it works out for you, and good luck in the future!

You're definitely going places with this. :)

Whatever this demo reel is for, it'll definitely get you places, that's for sure! :D
You've got a knack for fast-moving subjects and action. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll be professionally animating cartoons someday, if you aren't already, of course! Awesome work!

...My one quip, however, is to possibly switch up the music. I think it's a little too repetitive, and frankly, kind of annoying because there's only 10 words repeated like a hundred times. :x

10/10 5/5 !

JazLyte responds:

Thanks Sab =D Action cartoons are my passion, so hell yeah. I have to disagree about the music though, I love this song.


holy sh*t this is AWESOME!