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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"

See short review.

Another great video, but when will you make one about the Necropolis series with a clear plot?


This was pretty freekin awesome. Like seriously.. wow. Good job <3 U 0wn :D ^^


U have a great skills, so do this cool cartoon... It is great project and I think it willn't be just a FLASH movie

Not a bad demo reel

I suspect you made this to try to get clients and get into art school right? RIGHT??? That or you're very VERY bored. Either way I like the music you put with it. It gives it a very Adult Swim / Cowboy BeBop feel to it, and for some reason that really fits your style. Keep it up.

The animation itself (not the video translation) in some areas was a bit choppy or too...repetitive. You criticize DBZ a lot for having very repetitive fight scene animations and in some areas you've done exactly what they do. Animate a few frames and press repeat. It's not bad for background shots, but when you just pan the camera so we can see it 20 times it become very noticeable.

Just some food for thought.

JazLyte responds:

Yezzziiirrr, this is indeed for potential clients.

I remember some of those scenes

And I remember what I said about your work last time too. Besides the stuff that I've seen before, it looks like you've been making improvements.

Good work! :)