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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"

so tight!!!!

it was so awsome it was like something off a japanese action cartoon but i have one question when the dude singing at first hesitating on purpose or was my computer messing up?this was truley incredible. i couldnt really follow the story line though. and to be honest i liked your last demo more you remember the one with the dance pad and stuff......... wait a second did you do that or am i thinking of someone else?

JazLyte responds:

That was the song, and lol yea I think you're thinking about somebody else.

Too much Koolaid is never a bad thing...I think

This was great man! , alot of really sick fight scenes, and even some short previews of your upcoming work, gotta love it. Your animations improved too so that's a definite plus, but you knew I'd give you full marks anyway lol
keep up the good work man, I have to keep reminding myself to "up" my productivity so that I can get out animations at an equal or close to equal pace as you do.

JazLyte responds:

Hahaha you caught those Ultimatum clips, eh? And YES n***a MAKE MORE lol. Even if its just something short and stupid, keep a presence in the portal, it just generally makes working on your larger projects more enjoyable for some reason. My new Necro toon has been coming together fast as hell since I started doing it. Thanks for teh good review =)


you're still using the ADD as an excuse?

nice drawings, though faces look weird,
animation is a little choppy at times, but enjoyable.

JazLyte responds:

Excuse? What am I making an excuse for? I stopped ditching projects 2 years ago lol


It has the Cowboy Bebop Kinda Feel to it. Outer Space, Future, Jazz Music, fighting, Guns ad Swords! We got ourself a winner here!

Definitely worth a watch

This really shows not only your style influences and creativity, but the flow and evolution of your animation style. I've been watching some of your stuff since i first got on Newgrounds, and I've gotta admit I'm jealous (in a good way). I do mostly story and character design, so full blown animation isn't something that I'm used to. but you almost make this shit look easy. 10 outta 10 for showing exactly what this video is supposed to: your skills as an animator