Reviews for "Primary"


loved how the music changed when u change colors

Rave Review!

great graphics, amazing learning curve, this thing is a masterpiece. The one thing i would change would be to make the controls customizable. With so many different powers and effects to trigger it would just help to be able to personalize the layout. Other than that one tiny, insignificant detail this game is top notch. Points all around!

First of all, a major problem.

When playing the game in pop-up mode, I tried to go to the level select mode, and I couldn't because there was an ad blocking the way. I couldn't click anything., and after having it happen 3 times, I quit.

Also, to the guy two places below me, Green is a primary color. The original primary colors of LIGHT are red, blue, and green. The primary colors of PIGMENT, are magenta, cyan and yellow. Somewhere along the line, stupid happened, and you have what we see today as the primary colors.

I Must Kill Roy
great platformer, I wish I was in it more. :3
very interactive, and uses critical thinking

i remember this game. the first one i ever played. i hardly found it but now i did, in newgrounds! :). credits to the JackSmack FrozenFire SoS and TomaMoto :) thank you for having to create such a simple, yet awesome game. :)