Reviews for "Primary"


You have both done a great job. 5/5 and 10/10


helppp i got stuck on level 1 i cant go back words and sometimes i get stuck jumping and runing

Great Game, but...

I beg your pardon... BUT THIS IS A GOD DAMN UNFAIR PLATFORMER! It's psychically damaging. Seriously!

I have no problems

I use google chrome, and i can run this game full, not with the lights on though. So turn the lights off, it turns off the ads that might be lagging the game. And i mean the lights button at the top of the flash window, not your actual lights. lol.

Really, REALLY!! great and creative game.
I don't think this could be any better.
10/10 5/5


One major fix...

put a check point right after the first wall jump column, that would make this game less anger-inducing , thx