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Reviews for "Primary"


Pretty good game, I wish the yellow Spiderman has a better ability though. :O

By the way, for the people who have the sticking keys problem read the authors comment for help on the issue. You could also try running internet explorer in "administrator mode" thats what fixes the problem for me.

Liked it!

I liked the game,but you should give it a little more speed to jump!

Awesome Game..Just Difficult......

Okay, This game is great as you can see, I have already given the game a 10, it's also quite a challenging game, slightly frustrating. However, there are a few problems, but what doesn't have problems, we players are just here to tell you the problems or at least most of us here are. The game lags just a bit after the 4th level, and the recommendation "If the game runs slow for you right click and lower the quality settings until the game runs at normal speed." does not work because whenever you right click, the game freezes.

The Graphics are great, but the boss fight in level 10 really made me mad, the blue target rarely appears and as instructed to do, I go into the blue ability and put and ice block but nothing happens..as many others have mentioned the Controls were weirdly placed, it's hard pressing R when your other hand is on the A, D, W keys, and then the yellow ability's key is S instead of space..why, it's rather confusing to do that. The boss fight is also a bit hard because whenever it attacks, it's too fast for you to switch from blue to yellow.

The music is really great, wish we could actually access the music here on Newgrounds but I have yet to find a way. Also, whenever you mess around with the sound settings: Music Volume/ SFX Volume, the next level seems to have no sound at all..even when messing around with the volume controls again. I usually end up just going to the level elevator because I like the music that much, it would be boring without it. That seems about it, I apologize if this review was helpless or annoying to you. Great Game 10/10, 5/5.


nice game you should add more color to it.

its fun

its a fun game but hard to beat fun plzz view my page