Reviews for "Primary"

how to play with firefox on the Mac

if you're actualy using firefox on your mac and the game don't load simply refresh the page until it works, after that everything should be fine (that's what I do and it works for me, I'm curently using MAC OS X 10.5.8 and I my version of firefox is 3.5.8).

BTW great game I love the concept

The animation are pretty smooth too.

The medal system is broken for me

I played this game to the end only to discover i was not signed in to newgrounds and i didn't earn any medals. however when i signed in to newgrounds i had the ingame achivements that i hadn't earn so i can't get them anymore because you can't re-earn achivements so i can't get them. i tried to delete the temp folder but the achivement stayed. any help?
img to prove i have the medals ingame: http://yfrog.co m/esbrokenmedalsp
go to my account page and see that i don't have them

other then that i think this game is great!
good job


This game is really addicting, if there is ever a sequel to this I'm sure it will be even more addicting...oh boy...


1. AHHHHH! I can't get past level 25! HELP!

2. this game is awesome none the less.

3. to get 1000 steps, just place a small but rather heavy object on the key and walk into a wall of your own choice.

4. just to amuse yourself, wall jump and blow the enemies away with fire, AT THE SAME TIME!

(love this game, you there, author, make more awesome games, OR DIE! >_<)


If Roy Should Be In Newgrounds Rumble Then He Would Be A Fighting Machine.