Reviews for "Primary"

great game

i only to vl 14 i think buy still great game

simple,original and smart!

a truly great job man....nice animation and character movement,catchy storyline,and a twist that makes this game very different from all the other ones of the same category....i really loved it!keep up the great work!

Primary colors ftw!

Very cool game! I really like the idea of how you incorporated Primary colors into the game, a good way to come up with super hero's, the whole idea really is perfect. I also like how you made each character playable and with their own unique special capabilities, not only that but the music is great especially when you switch to another character they each have their own song, what another great idea. You guys truthfully did an excellent job, keep it up!


awesome idea , awesome game!

tha best!!
waiting for the PRIMARY 2 !!!


Really Was Hoping For This.

But It was really hard and unplayable.