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Reviews for "Primary"

Why theres in a tornado up in the city i have no idea.

Yellow one is my Favorite, nice game too!

great game two secrets medals are to first burn a ice block
2 kill an ememy with a ice block

First of all, amazing game!

The platformer physics were very good, felt like I was in complete control of where I went the entire time. Just great coding in general, Jack Smack. This probably has to do with the fact that I'm in google chrome, but I REALLY liked that!

Very great details, like how the color wheel showed what color you would get if you turned it right or left, or the useful message at the bottom of the elevator buttons, or even the many ways to change your color. Just some nice little details that make the game more enjoyable.

The voice was pretty great too, along with the SFX and music. A lot of work put into that, I see.

Finally, whenever I die, I never feel like it was the games fault, if you know what I mean. The amazing game design made me feel like it was just user error.

All in all, I highly recommend this game to anyone wanting an enjoyable experience!!

Every time I come back to this I forget how much I love this game. This has some amazing platforming and puzzles that sometimes still give me a hard time today after playing it for years (and no its not the controls although wall jumping can be wonky at times). Hope a sequel will be done at some point! Also I think many other people will agree, we need a source for the music for this game. Its soooo good and I wish i could listen to it without opening up the game in a background tab or something. Great job on having a nearly 10 year old game still hold up!