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Reviews for "The Bow Game"

Nice engine and guns but could do with changing background and enemies

I like the idea, but it's basically just the gun game "framework" with changed stats and sprites. The bow stats are pretty bad, there is no variety.
The challenges are unoriginal and very easy.
The whole game is pretty easy, compared to the first game.
There were a lot of things that could have been done better (a main one was making the bows more balanced, and each category have a purpose/be good enough to use).

Great game but how did it get multidirectional as a tag if you only shoot in one direction?


beat it, unlocked everything in about 50 min, not a bad game, interesting enough to make me finish, however i do agree with some of the other comments saying that more content should have been added. Possibly a duel campaign? like "the gun game 2" you know?

A bit too easy

All the challenges are incredibly easy, with the exception of the Speed Challenge for the 3rd crossbow. Past the expert achievements all you have left is "Fire this bow X times" and play for 4 hours.