Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"


i thoroughly enjoyed playing this, probaby because of playing text adventures as a kid. i felt it was as long as it needed to be. i found its satire amusing and really wanted to see it through to the end

Interesting and fun game

Now i didnt expect so much from this game, but you presented it very well, and you showed alot more then expected as i said, This had a somewhat of a story that seemed to workout well, and some good little action, i enjoyed what you had here for us, The "GRAPHICS" were fresh and cute and had a nice feel to it something that really flow along with eachother and such, some of the things i was abit confused with such as the dragon and the princess? not so sure what was needed there, but other then those two things it was pretty fun game and has a cute style to it, The animation was cute aswell like i said it was all a cute flash/game here and i was highly entertained, on how you can improve on this, i would suggest some more action stuff happening, and also make sure everything wroks before its presented before the public, but anyways a good game here i enjoyed it.

Could use more cute characters and more action happening

So overall a good and cute game that i think everyone will enjoy



Games making fun of adventure game cliches are almost becoming cliches in and of themselves...


You are funny man, the game is a littly short but i really like the humor in the sign and all that stuuff, you should have done easter eggs. I think i lik you and your jokes more than the game ^^


This game is amazing! It's hilarious and The queen was my favorite part!
The only problem was how short it was. All in all, great work!